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Applications available for the following:

Sub-Tenant Vendors

Day Tables

Community Kitchen

Sub-Tenant Vendor Application

The Public Market House is accepting applications for vendor spaces on the second floor of 28 Monument Square. Vendor spaces are approximately 100 and more square feet and include common area bathrooms, aisles and seating.

Consideration will be given to vendors who provide a product or service consistent with the Public Market House mission of supporting locally (Maine) grown, made and value-added products. We envision food vendors would be most interested, but crafts, textiles or other vendors will be considered who are consistent with the Public Market House mission.

Rates for a vendor space will depend on its size and use, but will run approximately from $750 and up plus common area maintenance and triple net charges.

Interested parties may fill out an application or contact Joseph Jerome, General Manager, 207-939-0980

28 Monument Square
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-284-1016
8am-7pm Monday thru Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday