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Sub-Tenant Vendors

Day Tables

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Day Table Application

The Public Market House offer day tables for use the second floor of the Market House and outside on Monument Square. Since the opening of the Market House, dozens of small businesses and non-profits have rented these day tables, some of whom have met great success.

A requirement for a day table is that the product or service sold must be Maine made, grown, produced or value-added by the person who is using the table (for instance, you cannot buy shirts at Mardens and re-sell them here). The vendor must have insurance.

For Monument Square day tables, food cannot be served from a day table ready-to-eat but must be packaged for home consumption. Also, the application must be filled out in advance to be approved due to licensing requirements by the City of Portland for use of Monument Square.

28 Monument Square
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-284-1016
8am-7pm Monday thru Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday